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Dr. Jeff Haller

Dr. Jeff Haller

Ph.D., Feldenkrais® Master Trainer

  • Feldenkrais® teacher since 1983
  • 2.Dan Aikido Teacher
  • Sportsman and teacher

Jeff Haller, PhD, regards the Feldenkrais Method® as a pathway to the inner composure necessary for living a creative life in a challenging world. He studied directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in the professional training program in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (1980-1983). From 1984–1991 his studio in Seattle offered classes in Feldenkrais®, Aikido, Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation. Since 1993, Jeff’s primary focus has been to train Feldenkrais Method® teachers. Presently Jeff runs the FTA (Feldenkrais® Training Academy). He is known for his work with Feldenkrais® practitioners helping them with their self-organization when teaching and for his IOPS (Ideal Organization and Profound Strength) training programs that help Feldenkrais® practitioners understand the bio-mechanical processes taking place in human functioning. Jeff maintains an extensive private practice in Bellevue, Washington, USA.   

Seminare mit Dr. Jeff Haller

Two Masters and a Nerd

Two Masters and a Nerd

Exploring at the Crossroads of the Feldenkrais Method and the Martial Arts

17.08.2024 – 09.02.2025

Explore interdisciplinary approaches to human development for Feldenkrais® teachers, martial artists, students of sport and movement sciences, dancers, movement artists, and psychologists.

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